Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kiki (1931)

French chorus girl Kiki (Mary Pickford) loves producer Victor Randall (Reginald Denny) and schemes to take him away from his ex-wife Paulette (Margaret Livingston).

Interesting Note
Remake of the silent version of Kiki (1926).

I really liked watching the 1926 silent version of Kiki -- and when I found this talkie one online, I'll admit that I honestly wasn't expecting much from it.

But I was pleasantly surprised with how hilarious and fun it was!  Of course Mary Pickford's best films were in silents, generally in the guise of a child.  But it was such a treat to see her in this charming role of a madcap chorus girl -- playing a young woman with bobbed hair and a French accent, no less!  She did really well with the comedy; there were so many memorable instances from the littler things like dropping the heart shaped cut-outs of Victor's picture to altering her family background to fit the occasion, and then the more physical situations of messing up her chorus performance and then somersaulting around after her 'catalepsy.'

Although the two versions are indeed very similar, the details really make them unique -- and I definitely enjoyed both!

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