Wednesday, November 21, 2012

After Office Hours (1935)

Wealthy Sharon Norwood (Constance Bennett) gets a job at her uncle's newspaper, but is soon fired by editor Jim Branch (Clark Gable) after he disagrees with her music review.  Jim is more interested in the scandalous Patterson divorce case.  After learning that Sharon knows all the people involved, including Tommy Bannister (Harvey Stephens), Jim, hoping to find out more information about the case, decides to convince Sharon to return to work.  The two are attracted to one another, and he casually proposes marriage.  Sharon declines, though considers taking her job back.  But when Sharon realizes Jim's ulterior motives she refuses to help him with the investigation.  After one of the parties in the divorce case ends up murdered, Jim has an idea who's responsible -- however, it's going to take some work to not only solve the case, but also convince Sharon that he truly loves her.

I really enjoyed watching After Office Hours!  It's fast-paced and breezy with lots of clever situations, smart dialogue, and a stellar cast.

Constance Bennett and Clark Gable make such a great onscreen couple; it's too bad they didn't work together again!  She's excellent as the high society girl turned newspaper columnist, elegant and beautifully gowned as always.  He's very effective as the handsomely roguish and confident newspaperman.  They seemed to work very well together, so attractive and charming.

The mood of the film does vary a bit throughout the storyline, but overall it's a fairly good combination of romance, comedy, and crime drama, helped ably along by the starring and supporting cast.  Some of my favorite parts are definitely Sharon and Jim's shared scenes, especially the one involving his train ticket and also when Jim first comes to Sharon's house in his attempts to win her over, and Jim's methods for solving the crime.  I also liked the ending!

Well worth seeing, especially thanks to the wonderful pairing of Constance and Clark.

♥ ♥ ♥ ½

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