Saturday, November 24, 2012

Service de Luxe (1938)

Helen Murphy (Constance Bennett) runs the Dorothy Madison service, a business that will provide any type of assistance to its wealthy customers -- but after running other people's lives for so long, Helen finds that what she really wants is a man who can take care of himself.  She is asked by one of her clients to prevent his nephew from arriving in New York, but through a case of mistaken identity, she targets the wrong man and winds up falling in love with the real nephew whose name she does not yet know, inventor Robert Wade (Vincent Price).  When Helen realizes her error, she attempts to keep her work a secret from Bob -- but before long, complications begin to threaten their relationship!

Service de Luxe is a light and entertaining screwball comedy with fine cast performances.  Constance Bennett is great as always; I love her elegance and versatility -- traits serves her well in all her films, from pre-codes to comedies.  I haven't seen very many of Vincent Price's pictures, and it was fun to see his film debut (although certainly these weren't the types of parts he eventually became known for!)  He's excellent, though; very suave and charismatic as a leading man.

There are plenty of funny misconception situations, and although the tone of the story verges ever so slightly on being too silly at times, it's all in good fun!  I enjoyed watching it.

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  1. Wow! I don't think I've seen Vincent Price that young. It would be interesting to see him playing a different role.

    1. I really liked seeing him at this stage in his career -- what a change from his later roles!

      Thanks so much for commenting!


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