Monday, January 21, 2013

Matrimony's Speed Limit (1913)

After a businessman (Fraunie Fraunholz) loses all his investments, he despondently visits his fiancee (Marian Swayne) to break off their engagement.  She is very well-off and offers him her finances, but he refuses out of pride.  Since she doesn't want to lose him, Marian comes up with the sneaky plan of sending him a telegram, apparently from a lawyer's office, stating that he will inherit a fortune so long as he is married that very day by twelve o'clock.  He's ecstatic over the news, and rushes over to her house with just a few minutes left before the deadline.  Meanwhile, Marian has been getting things ready for the upcoming wedding before heading over to the office to meet him!  Can the two get together in time?

This entertaining little comedy is one of the very few surviving works from the first female director Alice Guy-Blaché.  Like many early films of the time period, it was filmed in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The story is fun and cute, well-paced throughout its fourteen minute running time, with lots of little comedic touches throughout.  I especially liked the neat twists for the ending which led up to how the couple was reconciled!

One unusual aspect of the film is that the intertitles tell of the action before it actually occurs on-screen, as opposed to while it's happening in 'real time.'  I don't think I'd ever seen something like that before!

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